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Amazed: A Journey of Miracles

Coming Soon!

200 Pages

An Inspirational Journey of Miracles!


It began in 1994, and lives on today! We left it all and stepped out in faith. In so doing, we saw God reveal Himself through countless miracles. Do you still believe in miracles? If so, you find this story heartwarming and inspirational. If not, you’ll be touched and inspired to believe that there truly is a God, and He still does miracles.

We left Oregon and set out on a journey of faith to Mexico to serve as missionaries. It was challenging leaving a church where we served as youth/associate pastors, a dream job with full benefits, where people loved us dearly and surrounded us with their support, to step out into the unknown. You see, where we stood seemed secure and safe, and what we were stepping onto, unsure and risky. However, we discovered that what we stepped onto was firmer than what we left because, in reality, we were stepping into God’s will for our lives and that was more secure than what we left. It was a step of faith, but a sure step.

This book will take you on a journey with ups and downs, and along the way, you’ll see a story unfold full of miracles and inspiration. It’s God’s story of how He built a large, successful ministry called, Go Missions to Mexico Ministries in Mexico. It started out as a small seed, but has grown into a large tree.

182 Pages

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376 Pages

204 Pages

Biblical Discipline Digital Book Cover F

242 Pages

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634 Pages

Israel Biblical Sites Bible Companion (M

620 Pages

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400 Pages

220 Pages

Todd Michael Fink


Christ-Centered Pastor, Bible Teacher, Author, and Tour Guide

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