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Biblical Discipleship Book

376 Pages

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What Is Success in Life?


Today, we have many ways of defining success in life. Some define it as being a sports hero, others as being wealthy, others as being popular and well liked, and still others as being happy. How does God define success? He defines it as being spiritually mature!


How do we become spiritually mature? There’s only one way and it’s called discipleship. However, statistics show that discipleship is in a state of crisis today! Many Christians are not growing in Christ and are stuck in the process of reaching spiritual maturity. Sadly, what discipleship meant in the time of Christ is vastly different than what it means today. Moreover, the importance Christ and the apostles gave to discipleship is also stunningly different than the importance many Christians and churches today give it.


Unlike the disciples who had much of Scripture memorized, a whopping 81% of Christians today don’t read their Bible regularly. Unlike Christ’s disciples who were “Fishers of Men,” 61% of believers today haven’t shared their faith in the past six months. And sadly, unlike Christ and the apostles who made discipleship the central focus of their ministries, 81% of pastors today have no regular discipleship programs in their churches. Discipleship is being neglected today, and the consequences are crippling. This book hopes to change that!


Chapter 1 focuses on the state of discipleship in the lives of Christians and churches today and exposes the sad truth that it’s in crisis mode. Chapter 2 reveals 14 key factors contributing to the lack of discipleship today and how they’re affecting our lives. Chapter 3 defines biblical discipleship based upon central phrases Christ used in His ministry. Chapter 4 unfolds 14 essential components of the discipleship-making process that must be understood and practiced in order to attain spiritual maturity. Chapter 5 provides practical help on how to grow in each of the essential components of discipleship. It contains encouraging news and functional steps on how to grow in Christ. It also includes self-assessment tests to measure our level of spiritual maturity in each essential component of discipleship and gives hands-on, useful ideas on taking steps toward spiritual maturity.


Discipleship is a command for all believers and is our highest calling. This book provides biblical help for fulfilling this calling and seeks to discover what God says about genuine growth in Christ and provide practical help for attaining it. So, are you ready to grow? Would you like to be pleasing to God? Would you like to fulfill the reason for which you’ve been created? Would you like the full blessing of God in your life? If so, this book is for you.

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Todd Michael Fink


Christ-Centered Pastor, Bible Teacher, Author, and Tour Guide

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